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  • BoC peak / Chevron buyback / Kolanovic not a bull / TSLA 'beat' / Copper

    Tesla reported better-than expected profits in the latest quarter, even as it gave mixed signals on the outlook for growth in vehicle deliveries Former Fed economist John Roberts: What if inflation comes down faster than the Fed expects? (thread below) Japanese PM Kishida said this morning that he will create the environment for above inflation pay rises and the government will work closely with the BoJ to actively manage policy Half-term ski holidays in France are facing disruption after lift operators announced "unlimited" strikes in resorts next month over Emmanuel Macron's pension reforms Natural disasters caused $313 bln economic loss in 2022 - Aon Chevron announces $75 billion stock buyback, dividend boost ‘Outright negative’ on stocks: JPMorgan’s Marko Kolanovic braces for correction, hard landing Bank Of Canada At The Peak India’s Adani Group is exploring legal action against US investor Hindenburg Research after its report accused firms owned by Asia's richest man of “brazen” market manipulation and accounting fraud Markets : SPX500 'short gamma' making daily move a little worrying, but slowly working through resistance, grinding higher/momentum should take us towards 4150 area again. Markets holding up pretty overall, VIX lower, UST yields soft USD remains weak overall, hard to see why this should change in near future. Even CABLE testing big resistance levels around 1.2425 area, AUD up and away etc Commods broadly speaking firmer too-China reopens, Copper higher GOLD steady/higher still Adani Group Stocks Tumble on Hindenburg’s Short Call - The Economic Times ( Bank Of Canada At The Peak | Seeking Alpha Fear of BOJ Turning Hawkish Spurs 94% Jump in Shorter Bond Sales - Bloomberg Chevron announces $75 billion stock buyback, dividend boost ( Musk: Tesla price cuts boost sales despite weak economy - BBC News Nick Timiraos on Twitter: "Former Fed economist John Roberts: What if inflation comes down faster than the Fed expects? He says it isn't his base case, but in this blog post, he works through how the Fed might respond if there's a very rapid disinflation this year" / Twitter Natural disasters caused $313 billion economic loss ( ‘Two or three Met officers to appear in court each week’ as force bids to reform | Evening Standard Outright Negative: JPMorgan's Kolanovic sees correction, hard landing ( wasn't he all bullish last 18months.. At least 24 civil servants involved in complaints against Dominic Raab, say sources | Dominic Raab | The Guardian Nadhim Zahawi tax row: Rishi Sunak's integrity is taking a hit as he prolongs the pain over Tory party chairman | Politics News | Sky News Tesla's Aggressive Price Cuts Worked As Demand Is up ( Tesla seeks rapid output boost as profit beats estimates – The Irish Times Schiff blasts Facebook for ending Trump’s suspension: ‘tragic decision’ | The Hill Copper

  • Oz, Kiwi, Swedish inflation higher / MSFT weak guidance / BoE PF.. / Lula questions CB / NYSE

    -Sticky inflation!.. Q4 2022 inflation data from Australia : higher..headline and both of the core measures are all above expected. Headline 1.9% Q-q-Q vs expectations of 1.6% q/q. For the Y-o-Y it was 7.8% vs expectations of 7.5%, prior 7.3%. Swedish PPI (M/M) Dec: 2.1% (prev 2.0%), Y-o-Y Dec: 18.7% (prev 19.5%) and in Zew Zealand, CPI increased 7.2 percent in the 12 months to December 2022 >>> ''more must be done'' will be heard in financial markets.. -NYSE’s Tuesday trading glitch explained, hope no-one got hurt yesterday! suspect many of you missed it but it did happen -Redrow is first UK Housebuilder to announces Heat Pumps as standard -BoE's pension fund took a £1.5bn hit from derivatives -The UBS Evidence Lab data measure of job openings has been moving down steadily since Q2 of last year. The BLS measure of openings has lagged and may be overstating labor market tightness (chart-thread) -Morgan Stanley: Stocks in emerging markets are set to be this decade’s winners -Finland ‘re-thinking’ NATO bid without Sweden causes storm -Microsoft expects revenue dip as Azure cloud growth slows in December quarter and weaker guidance -U.S., Berlin expected to give tanks to Ukraine; Russia preparing 'new wave of aggression,' Kyiv says -Lula Questions Advantages for Brazil of Independent Central Bank -Strike over pay at Berlin airport grounds all flights -operator, Italy is bracing for two days of disruptions as gas station operators across the country started a strike late Tuesday to protest against a new policy introduced by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s government and so many of these kind of stories around..too many! Markets : SPX500 still in those same levels, MSFT guidance weak, and must be followed for sentiment across markets. Sentiment ca swerve pretty quickly, it's Jan after all and so many unknown and almost binary outcome on macro side in weeks / months ahead USD remains soft overall, but all within similar levels, apart from AUD breaking up overnight Bonds, in general, may start to notice unwelcome sticky inflation in Australia, Kiwiland and Sweden this morning, and this FED repricing ? NYSE's Tuesday trading glitch explained ( Lula Questions Advantages for Brazil of Independent Central Bank ( not a good idea.. Ukraine war live updates: Latest news on Russia and the war in Ukraine ( Panzer: Deutschland macht Weg frei für Leopard-Lieferungen an Ukraine - Video - WELT Australia: Inflation rise means more rate hikes for the Reserve Bank of Australia | Snap | ING Think FxMacro on Twitter: "The UBS Evidence Lab data measure of job openings has been moving down steadily since Q2 of last year. The BLS measure of openings has lagged and may be overstating labor market tightness." / Twitter Bank of England pension fund took £1.5bn hit from derivatives | Business | The Times just couldn't make this up ! Microsoft expects revenue dip as Azure cloud growth slows in December quarter ( Redrow is first UK Housebuilder to announces Heat Pumps as Standard - PropertyWire Tesla plans $3.6bn Nevada expansion to make batteries, Semi truck - Nikkei Asia Japan 'seriously considering' upgrading ASEAN ties: envoy - Nikkei Asia First Tory MP publicly calls for Nadhim Zahawi to go - 'too many unanswered questions' over tax affairs | Politics News | Sky News why is he still there?.. Nadhim Zahawi - a brief history: “I have paid my taxes in full” “HMRC have not investigated me” “There was no settlement” “There were no offshore funds” “Stop asking questions or I’ll sue you!” “Oh, you mean THAT £27million, how careless of me” Amazon workers stage first-ever strike in the UK over pay, working conditions ( Brunt Ice Shelf: Giant iceberg breaks away from Antarctic ice shelf | World News | Sky News Wyoming lawmakers's bill seeks to ban all electric vehicles by 2035 | Financial Post crickey! Finland ‘re-thinking’ NATO bid without Sweden causes storm – OBR reportedly plans to revise growth forecasts and warns Jeremy Hunt to expect a bleaker economic future - great! Budget blow: Government forecasters 'over-estimated prospects for growth' ( Classified documents found at Pence’s Indiana home | The Hill Oz up and away - might be worth looking at AUDcrosses actually

  • Fed's Waller 25bps / #EURCHF / #XAUUSD / #MSFT after the close / SPX500 4'050+ big test

    Fed Governor Waller backs quarter-point interest rate hike at next meeting, 25bps now nailed on, while ECB talks 50bps.. BoA : ''Trading the Twilight Zone: we are in the trickiest part of the investment cycle: tightening ending but easing far from beginning, inflation over but recession not yet begun, China reopen vs US recession…little wonder Wall St narratives changing quicker than a TikTok video; investor conviction remains in a huge bear market; and tail risks to consensus high'' MS : “While consensus shifts to a less negative stance amid a weaker dollar, China's reopening and the more stable (but lagging) hard data, we focus on the leading macro and earnings indicators which are now overwhelmingly weak—a dynamic the market is not priced for” Ken Griffin's Citadel raked in $16 billion in 2022, marking the best year for any hedge fund in history Erdogan to Sweden: Don't expect Turkish support for NATO bid after Stockholm protest AUD : NAB’s monthly business survey shows that the economy is beginning to slow and that inflation passed its peak as of December, reinforcing market expectations that a peak in interest rates is near. Business conditions fell 8 points to be up 12 index points, with trading, profitability and employment down. Confidence rose 3 points to be down 1 index points, but remained well below average Britain and the European Union are unlikely to fundamentally change their underlying Brexit settlement, making sector-specific deals for financial services, fisheries and energy necessary to prevent more disruption Peru: Anti-government protests will continue, says interior minister China Slams US on Debt Limit and Accuses Washington of Sabotage. US needs to ‘cope with its own debt problem,’ embassy says..Sharp words contrast with recent easing in China-US tensions/BBG Former top FBI official charged with violating Russia sanctions Markets : SPX500...till it closes 'well' above this 4010-4050 range of resistance/trendlines..But it feels squeezy for choice-still (softer usd, BoJ on hold, FED moving to 25bps etc and a martket that looks badly positioned - 4300 would really be hurting the current '''negatively positioned market....'' >>> remember EVERYONE pretty much talked recession as we started 2023, with weak equity markets in H1 and a recovery in H2 - the reverse might well be true! The first 3 weeks of the year are often driven by pure sentiment and short-term flows, beware of change of heart, this IS a market that can change its mind just like that EURCHF - chart below - with higher ECB rates, wouldn't be shocked to see cross at 1.05 over next few months (GBPCHF similar ish) Crude steady/higher, copper higher (Peru shutting down risk), metals higher #Gold grinding higher still - hard to see why it should at mom, after the huge CB buyers late last year, the market is now having to do some work.. USDollar mixed to slightly softer still, same old, #XAUUSD notably grinding higher Debt default would cost 6 million jobs, push jobless rate to 7 percent: analysis | The Hill it should not, and it very most likely will not happen, but there you go - it's politics Hedge Fund That Got China Right Sees Risk in US Markets ( Fed Governor Waller backs quarter-point interest rate hike at next meeting ( Citadel Posts Biggest Hedge-Fund Profit in History With $16 Billion in 2022 ( Peter Thiel Says British Affection for NHS Is Stockholm Syndrome ( He is not wrong ! Erdogan to Sweden: Don't expect Turkish support for NATO bid after Stockholm protest - SWI IW-Studie: Ukraine-Krieg kostet deutsche Wirtschaft 175 Milliarden Euro - WELT Kaivan Shroff on Twitter: "Just to be clear, when the New York Times reported that the FBI saw “no link between Trump and Russia” — a week before the 2016 election — the FBI agent who was just arrested over ties to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska was heading up the investigation. Just an absolute scandal." / Twitter Former top FBI official charged with violating Russia sanctions | The Hill Britain and EU unlikely to change Brexit deal much, despite issues - World - Business Recorder ( January 6 rioter who posed with feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk guilty of all charges | Evening Standard Michael Pettis on Twitter: "1/15 Since the 1960s few arguments in international finance have been as exciting as "the coming demise of the dollar", but these arguments seem always to founder on the same set of mistakes." / Twitter That's not to say the USDollar can't continue to weaken in short-term, IMHO it will (peak usd, peak inflation, peak worries etc and FED going for lighter hikes while ECB going for 50bps, in fact Terminal rate in europe will be HIGHER than U.S, as is currently predicted by the 2 respective CB's ! Peru: Anti-government protests will continue, says interior minister ( government overthrow likely, could spread to other parts of LATAM - hard to tell Venezuela public sector workers march for better salaries | Reuters Rishi Sunak was ‘unaware’ of Nadhim Zahawi’s £1m tax penalty ( good grief, really!!? Politics news - latest: 'He's toast' - pressure builds on Nadhim Zahawi to resign over tax affairs | Politics News | Sky News EURCHF >> 1.05? have a wonderful day Team PVM

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  • Asset Management | Pure Value Metrics AG | Schwyz, Switzerland

    Delivering returns through a deep understanding of fundamentals Pure Value Metrics works with a broad selection of clients including, Family Offices / UHNWI, Corporates and Private Investors to offer innovative Asset Management and Trading solutions. ASSET MANAGEMENT Using our unique relative value based Investment Matrix we build investment portfolio's with superior metrics relative to main stream equity indices Discover PERSONAL TRADING Take advantage of our Market Expertise and Support whilst trading on a choice of industry leading platforms Discover PVM BITs Our daily round-up of Global Macro Market Trends and insightful news topics Ardern / SPX500 stalls @4K / Weaker U.S macro data / USDJPY all the way back? / ECB hawkish still BoJ unch..but / BoAFM survey U.S stocks / ECB /Empire / DE:LNG Terminal / U.S debt ceiling next #USDJPY implied vols sky high / 2023 USD forecasts lower / UK wages / Hildebrand / All about BoJ now Subscribe to receive our daily market roundup! Submit Thanks for signing up, please check your inbox and confirm your subscription.

  • About | Pure Value Metrics AG

    ABOUT US What We Do We provide an extensive range of Relationship Management support services to our clients based around our two main product offerings in Asset Management and Personal Trading in financial markets. This begins with our Daily PVM "Bits" Macro blog, account opening support, assistance with product execution, where required, under a limited power of attorney, help with the transfer of cash and securities positions, and the provision of a tax return for your assets held via Pure Value Metrics at our Banking partner platforms in your name. ASSET MANAGEMENT Using our unique relative value based Investment Matrix we build investment portfolio's with superior metrics relative to main stream equity indices More SELF TRADING ACCOUNT Take advantage of our Market Expertise and Support whilst trading on a choice of industry leading platforms More Who We Are Pure Value Metrics management team consists of three people whom met whilst previously working at Credit Suisse. We have extensive international experience, a range of very complementary skills, combining Macroeconomics, Fund Management, Treasury Operations, Technology and Financial Reporting. This enables us; through extensive use of technology platforms, to provide a very high level of financial products and services to our clients, in a very cost-efficient manner. Stephan Collet Chief Executive Officer Expert in global macro and derivative products Read More Richard-Mark Dodds Chief Investment Officer Detailed knowledge of fund management portfolio construction, accounting and treasury operations management. Read More Richard Appleyard Chief Operating Officer Specialising in technology and financial reporting. Read More What we believe In Corporate Responsibility As a forward-looking Asset Manager, we understand that the world's resources are finite and so we look for opportunities to invest in companies, which use these efficiently. Values Whether it be from our Management and Performance fees on our managed accounts or the execution pricing on our Self Trading platform to a core principle within our investment process; value for our clients is fundamental to our identity. Transparency You're in control; with our partners you have full access to either trade directly or view your account in 'real-time' at anytime. ​ If your account is managed you will able to view our pending orders; so you can see what we are looking to buy, and at what price. Sustainability An ever present reality is global population expansion and the effects that it will have on the environment in which we live. ​ Therefore, it is essential that the companies behind the stocks in which we invest also share our ethical values to provide positive change to global infrastructure.

  • Personal Trading | Pure Value Metrics AG

    Demo Platform PERSONAL TRADING ACCOUNT Take advantage of our Market Expertise and Support whilst trading on industry leading platforms PVM offers you a professional trading experience; whether you are an active trader or prefer to take a more passive approach to investing; trade online with our partners award-winning platform's safe in the knowledge that PVM is there to support and guide you every step of the way. Access a huge array of Asset Classes and over 30,000 individual instruments Stocks Access to the global equity universe in developed and emerging markets on 35+ exchanges Very competitive pricing in US, European and Swiss markets, with advanced algorithmic execution options and conditional orders. Forex Access Major's, Minors and Metals as Spot, Forwards and Swaps Extremely competitive pricing arrangements with spread down to 0.2 pips Commodities We offer a wide range of commodities in multiple markets Trade as either CFD, Futures , Options, Spot and ETCs at competitive prices Bonds Trade a large number of government and corporate bonds throughout Europe, US and Asia Guaranteed Tier 1 liquidity with best pricing from over 20 different providers, all executed at the touch of a button Forex options Trade Major pairs with with a wide range of maturities up to 12 months Utilise advanced option chain and risk management tools CFDs Trade common indices such as DAX, SPX, FTSE with tight spreads long or short Very large selection of CFDs over equity and derivative products, ETFs and many more classes Futures Access 100's of futures over 20+ exchanges Trade commodities in a wide range of sectors and asset classes Why trade with Pure Value Metrics Combining relationship management services with online execution platforms ​ We assist with Client account set up, transfer of assets, execution through a limited power of attorney and tax returns ​ We do not mark-up any fees for these services ​ Be part of something larger - leverage us to achieve your goals Professional Tools Utilise our Partners multi-award winning platforms to enhance your trading experience ​ Take advantage of advanced charting tools, option chains and algorithmic order execution ​ Try 3rd party integrated technical strategies and conditional orders. Wait for the level in EURUSD and execute a straddle in Gold

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