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Take advantage of our Market Expertise and Support whilst trading on industry leading platforms

PVM offers you a professional trading experience; whether you are an active trader or prefer to take a more passive approach to investing; trade online with our partners award-winning platform's safe in the knowledge that PVM is there to support and guide you every step of the way.

Access a huge array of Asset Classes and over 30,000 individual instruments


Access to the global equity universe in developed and emerging markets on 35+ exchanges

Very competitive pricing in US, European and Swiss markets, with advanced algorithmic execution options and conditional orders.



Access Major's, Minors and Metals as Spot, Forwards and Swaps

Extremely competitive pricing arrangements with spread down to 0.2 pips



We offer a wide range of commodities in multiple markets

Trade as either CFD, Futures , Options, Spot and ETCs at competitive prices



Trade a large number of government and corporate bonds throughout Europe, US and Asia

Guaranteed Tier 1 liquidity with best pricing from over 20 different providers, all executed at the touch of a button


Forex options

Trade Major pairs with with a wide range of maturities up to 12 months

Utilise advanced option chain and risk management tools



Trade common indices such as DAX, SPX, FTSE with tight spreads long or short

Very large selection of CFDs over equity and derivative products, ETFs and many more classes



Access 100's of futures over 20+ exchanges

Trade commodities in a wide range of sectors and asset classes

Trading Products

Why trade with Pure Value Metrics

  • Combining relationship management services with online execution platforms

  • We assist with Client account set up, transfer of assets, execution through a limited power of attorney and tax returns

  • We do not mark-up any fees for these services

  • Be part of something larger - leverage us to achieve your goals


Professional Tools

  • Utilise our Partners multi-award winning platforms to enhance your trading experience

  • Take advantage of advanced charting tools, option chains and algorithmic order execution

  • Try 3rd party integrated technical strategies and conditional orders. Wait for the level in EURUSD and execute a straddle in Gold

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