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Broken Marble


What We Do

We provide an extensive range of Relationship Management support services to our clients based around our two main product offerings in Asset Management and Personal Trading in financial markets. This begins with our Daily PVM "Bits" Macro blog, account opening support, assistance with product execution, where required, under a limited power of attorney, help with the transfer of cash and securities positions, and the provision of a tax return for your assets held via Pure Value Metrics at our Banking partner platforms in your name.


Using our unique relative value based Investment Matrix we build investment portfolio's with superior metrics relative to main stream equity indices


Take advantage of our Market Expertise and Support whilst trading on a choice of industry leading platforms

Who We Are

Pure Value Metrics management team consists of three people whom met whilst previously working at Credit Suisse. We have extensive international experience, a range of very complementary skills, combining Macroeconomics, Fund Management, Treasury Operations, Technology and Financial Reporting. This enables us; through extensive use of technology platforms, to provide a very high level of financial products and services to our clients, in a very cost-efficient manner.

Procloud AG

Information Technology Provider

Cloud Services and Cyber Security

Alison Lazerwitz

Non Executive Director

Legal & strategy advisor

Wilma Groth / SwissComply

Compliance Officer

Specialising in Finma Compliance

Stephan Collet

Chief Executive Officer

Expert in global macro and derivative products

Laura Muzzalupo / SwissComply

Compliance Officer

Specialising in Finma Compliance

Richard-Mark Dodds

Chief Investment Officer

Detailed knowledge of fund management portfolio construction, accounting and treasury operations management.

What we believe In

Corporate Responsibility

As a forward-looking Asset Manager, we understand that the world's resources are finite and so we look for opportunities to invest in companies, which use these efficiently.


Whether it be from our Management and Performance fees on our managed accounts or the execution pricing on our Self Trading platform to a core principle within our investment process; value for our clients is fundamental to our identity.


You're in control; with our partners you have full access to either trade directly or view your account in 'real-time' at anytime.

If your account is managed you will able to view our pending orders; so you can see what we are looking to buy, and at what price.


An ever present reality is global population expansion and the effects that it will have on the environment in which we live.

Therefore, it is essential that the companies behind the stocks in which we invest also share our ethical values to provide positive change to global infrastructure.

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