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Trading Account

Who is my custodian?

We offer a choice of custodians, presently either Saxo Bank (Swtzerland) Ltd or Corner Bank AG. However, depending upon your personal circumstances and trading requirements we can work with you to facilitate alternative venues.

What about Counterparty Risk?

Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd and Corner Bank AG are regulated by FINMA and a member of the CHF 100,000 cash deposit guarantee. Both offer tier 1 capital ratios with Corner Bank AG being one of the highest in Swtzerland

Why do I need to sign a Limited Power of Attorney (LPoA) with PVM

In order to be incorporated within PVMs structure it is necessary to sign an LPoA; this enables us to provide our services at your discretion

Asset Management

If I opt for an Asset Management account is it part of a fund?

Typically we offer individual account management, where you are free to customise your portfolio through individual instrument, Sector, Industry and / or Region restrictions. You may also specify your prefered FX hedge ratio's. Depending on the size of the investment a fund structure is possible.

Is there a minimun investment amount?

Yes - typically we do not accept portfolios smaller than 250,000 CHF; however depending on your personal circumstances we would always encourage discussion


Can I have both an Asset Management and Trading account

Yes; we can manage a portion of your wealth through our Matrix strategy leaving you free to make your own investment decisions on your Trading Account.

Are there restrictions for Funding and Withdrawals?

You can only make 1st party payments i.e. funds must be sent from an account in your name; the same is true in reverse.