Individual account management with Pure Value Metrics' unique relative value approach

In 2019 PVM Asset Management delivered full year returns* of between 21% and 35.9%, whilst charging some of the lowest management and performance fees available.

Pure Value Metrics Asset Management's goal is to deliver a superior return profile while reducing risk relative to equivalent indices and ETFs.

As an active Asset Manager we build our Clients bespoke diversified Equity Portfolio's based around our relative value investment matrix.  Using key fundamental drivers we screen a global pool of equity instruments. We then use a systematic process to establish the relative value of sectors and those instruments within a given sector.

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Our Core Client proposition is to use a Quantitative process to screen Global Equities with predetermined “value based” criteria, to this we then add a further Qualitative process review

Risk is further reduced with a typical portfolio holding 25 to 40 single stocks, maximum new position size of a single stock is 4% in non dynamic portfolios.

    Detailed equity screening of Global markets with 6 key risk control criteria
    Systematic structured value analysis of target companies and their competitors
    Above average dividend income stream
    Above average Portfolio valuation metrics when compared to main Equity indices; provides a stronger competitive basis
    Extensive Portfolio diversification process leading to a maximum 4% position in any single stock
    Value based themes but very aware of technology opportunities and threats
    Consistent, specialized and disciplined
    PVM equity portfolios have superior expected return and risk metrics compared to mainstream equity indices
    Active portfolio single stock management based on market fluctuations, with Algorithmic execution
    Depending on Global equity market valuation levels, PVM may not be 100% all invested at all times

* return variance is subject to individual risk profiles

Pure Value Metrics Invests in Shares, Share Derivatives (CFDs) and other financial instruments.  The value of these instruments can fall as well as rise and investors may lose more than the initial amount invested.

Further Analysis

Compares each share to itself and competitors on a relative value basis


Considers technology opportunities and threats within each industry sector


PVM will be invested in accordance with historical long term equity market valuations


PVM Asset Management portfolios have superior valuation metrics compared to main stream Equity Indices