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PVM Global Equity Long

PVM Global Equity Long

Our Global Equity Long model offers a comprehensive investment strategy, suitable for Retail, Professional and Institutional Clients. Focusing on the importance of balance sheet analysis in equity investing our strategy aims to maximize long-term wealth creation by identifying financially strong companies with sustainable growth potential.

The strategy places significant emphasis on fundamental analysis, particularly on balance sheet assessment. By analysing a company's financial statements, and systematically evaluating key metrics defined within our Investment Matrix, such as liquidity, price to earnings ratios, and dividend yields, helps us identify companies with robust balance sheets, strong capital structures, and good financial health.

Focusing on financially strong companies, the strategy seeks to identify investments that can weather short-term market fluctuations and deliver sustainable long-term returns, which is proven through our track record.

We do not take a contrarian view, nor are we locked to any specific countries our sectors; our Investment Matrix seeks quality and consequently allows the construction of well-diversified portfolios.

Our goal is to generate long-term wealth while effectively managing risk.

Additional Information

  • Management Fee 0.84% annual  (debited monthly)

  • Performance fee 10% high watermark (debited monthly)

  • No withdrawal fees

  • No lock-up periods

Suitable for Retail, Professional and Institutional Clients.

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