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PvM provides value based Investment Portfolios; specializing in Global Healthcare/Medical and Technology sectors with low debt and dividends supported by a clearly defined structure and process.

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Your account will be opened directly with Saxo Bank Switzerland AG

We prepare all necessary contract documentation on your behalf

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Saxo Bank Switzerland is regulated by FINMA and a member of the CHF 100,000 cash deposit guarantee

Registered Securities above CHF 100,000 are bankruptcy remote

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Our Product Offering


160+ FX currency pairs traded as Spot or Forward Outrights including EMG with transparent overnight swaps / rolls.

Cross PvM Pro ** PvM Investor *
EURUSD 0.2 2
AUDUSD 0.2 3
USDCHF Contact Us 3
USDJPY Contact Us 2
FX Sample: Minimum Spread in Pips

** PvM Pro is a pricing model designed with Professional Traders in mind

  • All spot transactions for the PvM Pro incur +0.0049 bp commission
  • Minimum trade sizes apply e.g. EURUSD 50,000 notional. Sizes below the minimun will incur an added fee

* PvM Investor is designed for Clients who want to trade on a Fixed Spread Model with no Commission Fees whilst still benefiting from our expertise.

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FX and Precious Metals Options - plus FX One Touch Options.

  • Typical spread of 6 pips for 1 month 50 Delta EUR/USD options
  • No commission fees on FX Options above the minimum amount (i.e. EUR/USD 50,000)
  • Early Sunday evening market making for FX Options too
  • FX One Touch Options – No commissions or minimum amount

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9,000 CFDs (Contracts For Difference), Single Stocks and Equity indicies.

  • Major European Single Stock commissions 0.1% of trade amount
  • No commissions for Stock Exchange Indices i.e. DAX min. spread 1.5 pips
  • Reduced Contract Size i.e. 1 DAX CFD Contract = notional of DAX Index ≈ EUR 10,960
  • Price directly related to the underlying Share/Index
  • Ability to go Short as well as Long
  • Leverage available
  • Commodity CFD’s also available with No Commissions

No Custodian Fees, No Exchange Fees & No Stamp Duty

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Access to 175+ contracts on live market prices from over 21 Futures exchanges around the world.

  • US Futures $6 per lot, min. commission $10 per trade
  • European Futures EUR 6 per lot, min. commission EUR 10 per trade

Additional regional exchange fees apply (i.e. CME)

Volume discounts may be available

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Build a diversified Global Equity portfolio with the ability to trade US pre Market.

  • NYSE - $0.02 per share, min. commission $15
  • Deutsche Xetra Börse – 0.1% of trade amount. min. commission EUR 12
  • UK LSE – 0.1% of trade amount. min. commission GBP 8
  • Swiss SWX - 0.1% of trade amount. min commission CHF 18
  • Use your equity portfolio as Collateral (typically 70% notional)

Custodian Fees just 1 bp per month

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ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). Efficient, low cost and flexible access to global stocks and commodities markets.

  • Low Commission schedules as per Cash Equites
  • Collateral Value typically 75% of ETF value

Custodian Fees just 1 bp per month

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Contract Options

Contract Options are Options on Futures Markets. Benefit from comprehensive Exchange Option pricing on many Futures.

  • Commission schedules as per Futures

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Sovereign, Government and Corporate Bonds via TradeWeb are available through Voice Trading (with Real-time monitoring of your positions)

  • Min. trade size EUR 50,000
  • 0.25% of trade amount. Min. commission EUR 80
  • Collateral Value up to 95% of Bond Value

Custodian Fees just 1 bp per month

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To find out more about our Products and Services we encourage you to contact us directly either via email or phone.


Please note that all communication will be treated with the strictest confidence.

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