PVM BITs | China censors Trump and boosts propaganda


A full-on barrage of U.S. tariffs would cut 1 percentage point off of China’s growth, Citi says

Trump will assert 'executive privilege' over Mueller report materials in fight with House Democrats, almost look like picking a small ‘tariffs fight’ with China is a nice way to deflect the attention of the market..

Italy Could Face EU35b 2020 Shortfall Based on EU Figures: Sole BTP spreads widened sharply yesterday

Bitcoin Dips as World's Biggest Crypto Exchange reveals $41 Million hack

Trump defends tax tactics after NYT story says he racked up $1 billion in losses: 'It was sport'

Good news for the planet! New figures show that CO2 emissions in the EU decreased by 2.5% between 2017 and 2018. This is a significant cut in greenhouse gas emissions, Britain passes one week without coal power for first time since 1882, Germany opens first electric highway that lets trucks draw power from overhead cables…ALL Airports should do this.. Boston airport is rewarding passengers who travel by public transport with fast-track security clearance

Uber drivers will go on strike over pay and benefits ahead of the company’s $90 billion IPO

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that WhatsApp mobile payments would be launching this year after a successful test phase

Fed's Barkin: It's hard to have a recession with unemployment and rates this low

US fiscal policy is the most expansionary since 1973. Limited firepower in next recession and medium term inflation risk

"the market looks more vulnerable to bad news.The bullish case mostly relies on central banks staying put and a US-China trade deal leading to a growth rebound, but this is a fragile equilibrium." – Barclays

It's far more important for financial markets and asset pricing what central banks do (price of money) and whether we are closer to MMT (higher spending, nominal growth and inflation) –Saxo Bank

North Korea Conducts Weapons Test as U.S. Envoy visits Seoul…teasing Trump


…the warnings were there 2-3weeks ago…market got too short Vol… Vols went up/exploded higher (VIX), risk sold-off, JPY strengthened, Bonds rallied..Bitcoin rallied..

Next 24hours and beyond could be pretty moody either way, all about tonight’s decision/agreement/no-deal/more tariffs or not and on how much/which products, agree on some stuff and delay decision on other stuff wouldn’t be a bad outcome, one would look to re-buy a decent dip in risk, if one has the room, let the mini panic happen (if there is one), prepare shopping list of good names (that you want on a dip) out there that will be sold indiscriminately (due to ETF’s)

SPX: key support on weeklies around 2’835/50, SHCOMP has now given up some more than 10pct since peak in mid-April (that’s about half of the move YTD, DAX 12k support

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